The earth has now finally flattened herself to rest. Who knew that her chaotic dance would come to this calm soliloquy. The winds do not carry the soil with them anymore and the water has eroded everything that stood around it. Everything has settled down as the new uniform muddy floor a few feet below the waters that cover the entire planet. There was no movement, no waves, no life but just the water profoundly reflecting the dead sky.

But not very far from the spot where the first rock carved by man had stood was the last rock he would carve. It jutted just a few feet above the water and was the only place left to stand on. On it lived the last man who spent days carving this island into what now looked like a marble coffin in the sea. It might be difficult to have a point of reference in such a place but I have seen men find a home between two steps in a stride. He worked without breaks and only rested on moonless nights. The tides did come in perfect intervals and he would simply let them pass under him. The mud was uniform but it moved and it raised him and his rock to the crests when the tides came.

It had been decades since he had last spoken or heard a word. he could not remember his own name but he remembered the name of the last human he had seen and it was a young man who called him The Scientist. His hands had completely cracked with exposure to the sun, the water and the salt. With these hands and whatever little fuel and metal that had remained, he built a capsule in which he had shot him into space.
Now sitting alone he thought a lot about his fellow men and how they used to make things out of rocks to leave behind their proofs of presence for the generations to come, proclaiming in one tongue or another rather simple words – “Yes! I too had lived.” each such wail only wanted to be found in this ocean filled with noise. Everyone had their rock carved and left it here to be found but The Scientist was sure that no one would see what he would leave, even if it were the best rock ever to be in this sea.

Sea First

I reached Pondicherry at the end of a day which was just a long and tiresome bus journey through the villages of the Indian South. I remember a distinct smell in the air a few hundred kilometers even before I had reached the town and realized that this must be the smell sailors and adventurers talked of in their books and journals (or maybe my mind was making things up in excitement).

Despite reaching way late into the day I decided to do first what I was there for and head out to the beach. It was night and the beach lights dissolved right where the rocks broke the waves. The roar of the foam and the steady humid wind had some kind of a silence hidden in them. In front of me was a palette of black and dark blues, dotted in a few places by distant boats crawling across the horizon. I wanted to say something to myself but there was a lump in my throat. I had never felt this small yet happy and probably never will. Everything I had read about the sea came to my mind and at that moment I stood there and wept like a little girl. It was so beautiful.

You can just sit and look at it forever
You can just sit and look at it forever