Circular Issues

I made my second attempt at the National Institute of Design entrance exam today and more than anything else in that paper, I actually had fun while answering this particular question. The question was meant to see the candidate’s creativity as well as the ability to spot and solve problems, I decided to make it a chain of problems and solutions to keep things interesting. I think I haven’t come up with a better impromptu story ever so I will share it here.

“The circle wakes up one day to find the triangle as his neighbour.
Give three problems that arise from this situation and also their respective solutions.”

Problem: The circle has never shared his space with anyone else in his lifetime. With the triangle next to him now, he will have to deal with his pointy vertices regularly or otherwise he will have to give in, shrink and live within the bounds of the triangle.

Solution: The only viable thing to do is to engulf the triangle. It is very easy to engulf a low lying polygon which is no match in front of the circle’s infinite greatness. The triangle will also provide stability from the inside and act as a support.

Problem: Contrary to circle’s plan, the triangle is causing problems. The vertices point out into his circumference and he suffers from three cyclic pains throughout the day.

Solution: He decides to ease the pain by increasing the vertices within, at least it would be more bearable and distributed. He invites the octagon for tea and engulfs him as well. Now he feels better but must make sure that no one gets to know about it.

Problem: The triangle and the octagon were famous social polys in the town of Second Dimension. All other shapes have started looking for them and the circle must do something before the matter gets reported to the higher dimensions.

Solution: At night, the circle decides to go on a killing spree. He has come to terms with his condition and knows that he is a serial killer and beyond help. He engulfs every other shape in the city but knows that there is a polygon that matches him. He must end this madness with the highest and most complex polygon – himself.