Advice On Advice

4th lap around Rajiv Chowk, as the hazy December sun sets. Guru HS and I go into life philosophy – beyond the books and the terms. A brief mention of some crossroads and I try to suggest the ways forward – 2018 is coming to an end afterall.

He responds –

Macha, giving advice is like the ultimate (ego) trip for the ego. For that brief moment, your ego finds a position of power and influence over the person seeking the advice.”

This is true. There is so much advice afloat, and it is so tempting to be the one giving advice. I guess it is one of those traps.

Maybe that is why, in the Dharmic ideas, the legendary advisory roles have been allotted to teachers, or literal God-incarnates. The former aims that the student surpasses him, which requires the suspension of one’s ego; the latter functions beyond ego and all of that.