A Postful of Revelations

A study was conducted where five test subjects were made to consume six cakes of Maggi everyday for two months. The other five were given an equal dosage of noodles manufactured by other brands.

The lead was given enough time to be absorbed completely into their systems. Results show that the subjects had a constant case of diarrhea and unusually high levels of attention while watching Varun Pruthy’s videos. It should be noted that the latter case is no different from the sights and sounds a diarrhea patient experiences when alone.

A shockingly intense observation was made when the other five test subjects were made to watch the same videos of this actor. They pleaded relentlessly that either they should get cancer or this particular actor should stop acting. The study was brought to an abrupt but a sad end when one of them hung himself in his ward with a bedsheet. No notes were found, only that he had neatly written the words ‘Scoop whoop’ on a wall with his own feces before killing himself.


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