The moth

A moth fluttered through the crowded metro coach today and hit ten things before flying straight into my face. It was frantic like moths usually are and zig-zagging through columns of hands clinging to the grime covered bars and rails, I saw it as a living specimen of the restlessness everyone felt within.

I sent it away with a quick nod of the head.

After making a round and managing to not get killed it came and perched on my arm. This time I let it be and noticed its magnificence closely. It must have been purely psychological but there was a warm feeling where it sat. It kept sitting on my arm while I moved through the crowd to get a seat and stayed there till we reached the last stop.

As soon as the doors opened it shot out of the coach like a bullet. I followed and stepped out feeling a bit sad while trying to look for it as the crowd dispersed. (It was obviously foolish of me – what was I expecting? A thank you from a bug? Its phone number? Haha, I do not know)

Suddenly something lightly bounced off my shoulder and I instantly knew what it was. I saw my dear co-passenger rising above me towards the station platform light. He was alone and so was I, that white mercurial bar of photons was all his and even being a tiny creature from some distant end of the pyramid it looked glorious. The thank you had been said.

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