Lyrical Analysis: Honey Singh’s Love Dose

The lines are, “Bas jitna aapki beti ek mahine mein udati hai, Ek hafte me meri gaadi utna tel khaati hai.” [English: Your daughter’s monthly expenditure in luxuries and vanity is equivalent to the amount I spend on my car’s fuel in a week.]

The lines, I do agree, are creative and a good way to boast of one’s wealth. But the fun increases exponentially if we take it very seriously and come to our own conclusions. Why am I doing this, you could say that this is one of those things in life which you dislike to the point of having an obsession about. (And boy oh boy, Urvashi Rautela is a beauty for sure)


Let us assume that upper middle class independent working women of India in their late twenties spend about 20,000 INR on things other than food, bills and rent (which is also usually covered in cases where the woman is living with her parents – hello uncle, namaste)

Consider that Honey Singh has a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder (which he had in the music video of the song “Blue Eyes”) which pulls out an urban fuel economy of 5.53 kmpl. The price of petrol in Delhi today is 61.33 INR/litre. With that rate, 361 litres need to be consumed by Honey Singh in a week to have an expenditure of 20000 INR. For this, he needs to drive his Lambo in and around Delhi for (5.53 x 361 = 1996) about 2000 km.

2000 kilometers in a week – Though being able to afford the fuel for that every week is impressive but it is not something which you would boast of to your future father-in-law. Why? Because a cab driver working for a Gurgaon/NCR based company easily levels up two thousand kilometers on his odometer every week. No biggie. This either means that Honey Paaji is bullshittin’ or he just drives his car all day, which still is a definite NO if I were the father here. OK Bye.

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