Dreams: Absurd Film Sequence

I can only recall the last few episodes of this dream before it dissolved into a distant vibration of my phone. Obviously, I do not know how I got there but there was some kind of a tension buildup followed by a release of people and their emotions in a swarm at a harbor. There was a huge cloud on the horizon with sun rays behind it rising upwards to the sky, a clouded sunset against a harbor through which I drifted like a camera operator in a movie set. I landed at a place behind these buildings, carefully walled from each other and linked by huge wooden double-doors.  This was a town of war and I already knew that the frenzy here would never end. People would fall or jump from balconies of their homes or run in small groups across the street, some would randomly fall and never get up but there would be no sign of who or what they were running from, or any hint of this unseen force which was knocking them down. I proceeded to run randomly through the streets seeing everything in my way for the first time but, at the same time, still being sure of where I was heading to. I reached the harbor and it was crowded with more such aimless runners. A ship seemed to stand there like a black mass taking up the entire port, a form which never escaped the corner of your eye no matter where you looked. It was the only thing in that place which had no movement or any other sign of emotion or life. It was the spectator of this dream I suppose. I ran along its length to the nearest pier I could see and jumped off into the water.

Even though I do not know how to swim, here, in my head, I just shot from the pier perpendicular to the port till the cloud on the horizon seemed like a mountain in front of me. I slowed down and looked back and saw the shape of the harbor town with the ship marking itself as its center. Outside the structures on the land and away from the things which crowd and limit your view, in the sea, the horizon encircled me.

Darkness and the cold started to creep in which I took for fear in the beginning but it was nothing but pure isolation. It felt like one of those places in time where you either completely get depressed and insane or you learn more about yourself. It is like a Russian Roulette of meditation where you risk losing your mind to learn alot about everything in a short span of time. I half swam and half drifted to the point of getting bored of feeling nothing but water all around me – I felt like water, water with a head coming out of it.
In the early hours of the night, the cloud was still there taking up a quarter of the sky. Clear skies, no stars, just moonlight spreading all over from behind this other spectator. I cannot call the cloud a ‘new’ spectator because it had been there all along. What a weird day it was. It only got weirder when a school of dolphins came in from behind and slowed down to my pace, it seemed pretty much like a challenge which I arbitrarily accepted. We raced for hours and I used to drift away from them every now and then to see how they would react to my absence – they did, they used to slow down, circle an area in a staggered way till they saw me and I joined again. I really wonder what they thought of me because the challenge was over, there were no winners and I was now in their team.
The darkness slowed down and my dream felt like another dream, the one you get when you are half-awake in a fever. In this state a dot of light caught my eye and without much thought I split from this new isolated family in this empty sea I had found and swam towards this other new world which would probably hold a better story. Dots and distant sources of light, you see, have that effect on me. As I got closer I learnt that it was a very very small island the size of a studio apartment, its existence was probably caused by a furious stem of land down below which tried to shoot up from the sea floor, surfaced and broke its direction, arrogance and force on seeing the vastness of the sky and the sea it had lived under. Nature, I believe, does awe and humble itself in various ways.
The island had a hemispherical hut, a bonfire, a boat tied to a tree-stump and darkness. No one else was there now but I was sure that someone had just gotten up and left. Everything looked like it had been left midway. This absence of a stranger didn’t make me want to stay there either. I felt curious and wanted to find this person who had probably left on seeing me approach. I looked around and saw that the cloud was now gone. Knowing not what I had to do next, I just went to look inside the hut. That is when the buzz came in from all around and grew louder into long and deep pulses of a drone. I realized that the land on which this hut stood was still angry and had finally found someone, a spectator to exhibit his disappointment. Frantically I knelt down and clawed at the ground but it would not stop, my mind was paying way more attention to the sound now. All forms melted away and I opened my eyes. It was 6:50 am.

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